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Man’s best friend can now enjoy the advantages of LiDAR

Our flagship technology is present in more and more areas of industry and technology development. We’ve already seen the advantages of LiDAR for cell phone apps, self-driving vehicles, video games, archaeological exploration, natural disaster response, volcano monitoring, and even forestry and agriculture. This time, it has been used to improve the quality of life of ‘man’s best friend’. That’s right, now our four-legged friends can also experience the benefits of using LiDAR. Want to know what it’s all about? We explain it all in this article.

LiDAR and man’s best friend?

Yes! Recently, this technology was used to develop prostheses for dogs. Using a cell phone camera in combination with other technologies, 3D-printed prostheses were made for these animals. The video footage is available on YouTube.Who is the protagonist of this story?

His name is Trip, a dog who was born with a malformation that caused him mobility problems. His owner was even suggested to consider euthanasia, but she wanted to try to save her friend and give him a better life. That’s how she encountered a company that provides prostheses for animals.

What exactly was the contribution of LiDAR?

The mobile camera we mentioned has this technology built in. Thanks to one of the advantages of LiDAR (its precision when scanning various objects and bodies), it was possible to create a model with the exact dimensions of the dog in 3D. This made it possible to determine even the smallest detail needed to design the prosthesis.

How does this story end?

The implant was a success and Trip is already enjoying his new paw. Although this is the end of this particular story, it is only the beginning for many other animals in the same situation.

All this was possible thanks to the application of the advantages of LiDAR in the project. As we have mentioned in other articles, hopefully, this technology will gain more and more popularity. If this can be done with a cell phone camera, imagine what our teams of LiDAR experts can do for your project! Contact us today to take full advantage of today’s most revolutionary technology.

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