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ACI USA Inc.: 2813 Executive Park Drive Suite #205, Weston, FL 33331   |   Phone: 786-224-0868


Qualified Staff

ACI has a vast pool of employees committed to find the optimal solutions for our clients. Our engineering team specializes in transportation planning, structural analysis, and design of urban infrastructure. The technical staff of ACI pursues innovation by implementing the latest surveying techniques and construction methodologies.

Computerized Systems

ACI implements advanced computerized systems for your infrastructure projects and technical studies.

Computerized systems are able to perform:

  • 3D Modeling, Construction Drawings, Architectural Blueprints, and other Engineering Plans
  • Modeling of Pavement Performance and Pavement Structural Analysis
  • Transportation Modeling and Traffic Simulations
  • Finite Element Analysis Consulting and Structural Engineering Analysis


For surveying and mapping, ACI possesses advanced measuring equipment such as air manned laser system LiDAR, aerial LiDAR unmanned, mobile LiDAR and specialized cameras to obtain geo-referenced aerial photographs.

LiDAR has the advantage of providing high-accuracy surveying data for any type of terrain quickly and at a low cost.

Pavement and Traffic

For pavement engineering, ACI has vast experience in the application of cutting-edge technology resources such as: Non-Destructive Equipment for Pavement Structural Evaluation (FWD & LWD), Pavement Roughness Prediction Systems, and Pavement Friction Testing Equipment. We are also proficient in conducting axle load controls through the use of our portable wheel load scales.

Soils and Materials Lab

ACI operates and maintains a fully equipped laboratory facility to perform testing of soils, asphalts, and hydraulic concrete.

ACI also implements for roadway projects new mix design methods such as Superpave.

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