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Could LiDAR topography help predict earthquakes? 

Keeping up with LiDAR applications is becoming more and more challenging. However, this is excellent news for users, who can take advantage of this technology. Here, we tell you how LiDAR topography could collaborate to generate better seismic hazard maps in Paradise Valley and northern Yellowstone Park.

How does LiDAR technology work?

Before we reveal the news, let’s remember how this technology works. LiDAR uses laser pulses to generate very dense point clouds. With these point clouds, highly accurate maps are generated in a short time. In addition, depending on the type of LiDAR used, it’s possible to collect data even in areas that are difficult to access or protected areas, something fundamental that other technologies do not achieve.

What happened in Yellowstone?

As already mentioned, LiDAR makes it possible to collect highly accurate data even in complex environments. An example of this is a recent contribution of this technology in the study of geologic faults in northern Yellowstone Park and Paradise Valley. Although the park is best known to the public for its geysers, it is also studied for its seismological activity. Lately, thanks to the contribution of new LiDAR data, a group of specialists obtained valuable information that could help in the creation of maps to anticipate seismic risks.
In other words, the use of LiDAR can help the scientific community make better calculations of possible earthquakes and tremors. With this information, it is therefore possible to anticipate and create more effective contingency plans.

How can you use LiDAR surveying for your project?

Nowadays there are multiple ways to obtain data. However, choosing the most cost-effective technology for a topographic survey is no easy task. Terrestrial LiDAR, aerial LiDAR, and aerial photogrammetry, all are excellent options (and we’re just mentioning a few). So how do you decide which one to use? The answer is simple, work with expert consultants.
At ACI, we specialize in comparing tools to offer you the best solution. Contact us today to evaluate your project needs and make the best decision.
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