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What Is a LiDAR Mapping Company?

As technology continues to advance, specialized companies that use LiDAR sensors to create highly detailed 3D maps are becoming more and more commonplace. Whether it’s for autonomous vehicle testing, city planning, architecture projects, or disaster relief efforts, quality maps are invaluable. But what is a LiDAR mapping company? Here’s what you need to know about LiDAR technology.

What Is It?

LiDAR, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, is a method of measuring distances by shooting laser light at a target and measuring the reflection with a sensor. Sensors shoot thousands of laser beams per second, reflecting off every surface they hit, allowing the sensor to generate an exact 3D map of the target area. It’s able to detect even small objects and subtle elevation changes. The data collected by LiDAR mapping generates the most detailed and accurate 3D renderings of any terrain possible today.

The Process

The process starts using highly advanced LiDAR sensor hardware mounted to a vehicle, drone aircraft, or tripod. As the sensors take measurements, specialized software translates the raw data into a detailed point cloud. Post-processing refines this point cloud even further, generating digital 3D meshes or models. The level of detail is down to a couple of centimeters. With this cutting-edge technology, a LiDAR mapping company can scan and map anything from small interior spaces to vast landscapes.


The applications of these powerful LiDAR maps are extremely versatile. In the auto industry, these maps assist the testing and development of autonomous vehicles by giving them an intricate 3D reference of the roads. Urban planners use LiDAR data to analyze public spaces and infrastructure in incredible detail; building around highways is important, as there are over 164,000 miles of highways in the United States to account for, according to the Federal Highway Administration. Disaster relief crews can deploy drones with these sensors to rapidly map crisis areas. Archaeologists scan excavation sites to digitally preserve artifacts in situ forever. If something can be mapped, LiDAR technology will reproduce it better than any previous method.

LiDAR mapping is an emerging high-tech field that opens up some genuinely exciting possibilities as the technology continues to grow more advanced. Next time you hear this term, you’ll know exactly what they do. In most applications, photogrammetry is the process by which two or more 2D images are translated into 3D measurements or models. It typically involves analyzing and comparing 2D photographs. Whether it’s planning the city of tomorrow or developing self-driving cars, quality LiDAR technology will pave the way. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to our team at ACI Corporation today.

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