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What Does an Aerial LiDar Survey Entail?

An aerial LiDAR, or light detection and ranging, survey is a state-of-the-art approach to surveying. It can be used for both private and public construction surveys and delivers accuracy that is hard to achieve any other way. Here is what this exciting technology entails.

1. The Mission Defined

The first step in an aerial LiDAR survey is to define the mission. Some of the mission parameters will include flight path, altitude, and the survey area. This plan is essential in ensuring all the necessary data is collected.
Other parts of the mission plan include filing the flight plan with the necessary authorities. Prepping the plane by mounting the LiDAR system and ensuring that every stakeholder is aware of the plan is also a part of the mission.

2. The System Adjustments

The LiDAR is mounted on a plane after the mission plan is designed, and system calibration and adjustments occur before the flight leaves. The calibration of the equipment is done to ensure that the data that is collected is accurate. The calibration of the equipment considers the placement of the LiDAR and other factors.
Keep in mind that each aerial LiDAR survey is unique. The equipment is calibrated to account for the unique factors involved in the mission. This part of the process is typically quick yet crucial.

3. The Data Collection

The LiDAR system collects large amounts of data about the surveyed area, including vegetation growth, structures, topography, and much more. There are many data points that the system collects, and GPS is integrated with the LiDAR system to ensure accurate reference points.
The collected data uses specialized software to transform the data into usable information. This is the most accurate tool for collecting land mass data. According to the Federal Highway Administration, there are over 4 million public access roads across the United States. LiDAR survey data is so accurate that it can pinpoint every single one of the public access roads!
A range of industries use aerial LiDAR surveys. They are ideal for large construction projects, infrastructure decision-making, forestry, land management, and more. When accuracy is key, LiDAR surveys can deliver. Learn more about the process and how an aerial LiDAR survey could be a part of your next project. Call ACI Corporation today.
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