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LiDAR and wind energy

Among the contributions of our star technology to improve the quality of life and care for the environment, we can also count on it in the development and application of renewable energies. On this occasion, we are talking about LiDAR and wind energy, and how its use can improve the operation and development of wind farms.

The news

In a region of Spain, a wind power plant used LiDAR to obtain valuable atmospheric information about air currents. Although they already had previous information systems, they decided to use this technology to expand and improve their facilities.

LiDAR and wind energy, what is the contribution?

We have already mentioned the ability of these systems to generate accurate 3D models of various types of terrain. But on this occasion, it was used to enhance wind measurements and obtain atmospheric data. Usually, towers for monitoring and collecting this type of data must be fixed. But in the case of LiDAR, as we know, it’s possible to move the equipment, which gives a greater range of action and better use of available space, while providing more diverse and accurate information.

In addition, this technology works up to 200 meters high and allows focusing at different levels within that range. This gives the option of projecting enlargements, but also of making better use of wind energy. But there is yet another advantage derived from the data obtained in this way. It allows to bet on higher wind turbines and larger diameter rotors, i.e., most likely more profitable and efficient.

This is what LiDAR can bring to an installation in operation, imagine what it could mean to have this information from the planning stage of the work.

Cutting edge for your project

As we saw, LiDAR and wind energy go hand in hand to produce incredible results. So, if you are betting on the development or improvement of renewable energies, you can undoubtedly make it your best ally. Keep in mind that it also has multiple uses in other industries such as road infrastructure, urban development, and even the health area. If you want to learn more about these applications and how they can improve your project, contact us today.

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