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How a Civil Engineering Consulting Firm Can Help Your Project

Building and improving the nation’s infrastructure is a constant need. According to Statista, the nation spent $1.7 billion on road construction in 2022. Many of those roads lead to construction projects for schools, hospitals, and other structures. Whether building roads, schools, or some other civil engineering project, a good consulting firm can help make it go as smoothly as possible. Here are some important ways that a civil engineering consulting service can help with various construction projects.

Surveying Proposed Worksites

Before work is done, a site needs to be surveyed to ensure it can support the civil engineering project. A civil engineering consulting firm could use LiDAR services to ensure the site is suitable for the intended construction. LiDAR technology uses light waves to determine exact locations and depths in the earth that help map the existing terrain and its many changes as the project proceeds. The technology is especially good at confirming quality sites and ensuring they are holding up while construction proceeds.

Construction Inspections and Field Evaluations

A civil engineering consulting firm can continually inspect the site and perform field evaluations to ensure all work is proceeding as planned. The LiDAR services greatly assist with the inspections and field evaluations by showing the changes as they occur from day to day or from one inspection time to another. The field evaluations make sure work is done legally and that the entire project complies with local, state, and federal laws. The inspections and field evaluations also help spot small problems that require corrections, so they don’t turn into bigger and potentially deadly problems later due to faulty construction.

Quality Control Services

From laying the footprint to adding the finishing touches, a civil engineering consulting service can ensure the work done is of good quality and per the design plans. Work gets done in the proper order, so work crews are helping each other get the project built without getting in the way of one another. Some work teams will have to complete their tasks before others can complete theirs. Civil engineers can ensure a project is ready to move from one task to another and one phase to the next until it is complete.
When you need civil engineering consulting services, you can contact ACI Corporation to learn more about our site inspections, LiDAR services, and other services. We will help keep your project on track and budget as much as possible. We look forward to working with you!
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