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aerial photography of rocks beside body of water

What’s Involved in Aerial LiDAR and Digital Imaging Services?

Imaging can be a tricky service to price. A simple photo snapped with your smartphone may have no intrinsic value beyond the memory it holds. At the same time, medical images cost thousands of dollars, and original artwork of the great masters can go for millions of dollars. So what’s involved in determining the value of the aerial LiDAR and digital imaging services?

Much like the medical images and fine art, there’s something to be said for education, knowledge, and talent. The masters painted hundreds of pieces to develop their talent, which was rare, to begin with. A radiologist can look at an image and determine the difference between a tumor, a muscle knot or a brain bleed. Aerial LiDAR and digital imaging have their own skill sets that require care to pull off effectively.

To start, the individuals running the aerial LiDAR survey equipment need to understand how to best use that equipment to get high-quality readings. The pilots of the aircraft need to know how to fly carefully and what types of patterns to use in their sweeps to ensure that the equipment techs can get good images while they fly. Specialists who understand how the equipment works provide expertise to interpret these images, making sure that they can give clients the best possible answers to their questions.

As you can see, the process of building solid LiDAR mapping results and reports is a complex process. That’s why it’s so important to work with an experienced, well-qualified team of professionals who can deliver the results you need. By working with an expert team, you can trust the results you receive.

If you’re ready to get started, ACI’s team of experienced professionals can provide you with a range of options. Please contact us today with any questions.

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