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Tips to Ensure Quality Control in Road Construction

Quality control (QC) is an essential part of any production process. It is a set of activities that intends to assure that an organization’s quality objectives are being met by using certain techniques such as management systems, lab & field tests, monitoring processes, and adequately trained staff. When it comes to road construction, specifications and estimates provide the basis for effective quality control. Here are a few things to consider to ensure quality control in road construction. 

Types of Quality Control:

  • Process Quality Control – Decision about the type of equipment, the construction procedure, and the amount of work that will be required to obtain the result. These decisions are usually made by the designer. 
  • End Quality Control – The contractor or consulting agency has a free hand in the selection of road construction methods and equipment needed to obtain the end product.

Requirements for Ensuring Quality in Road Construction:

  • Prior to starting, ensure all materials are approved by the Department from your respective state. 
  • Inspect all materials before utilizing them at work, make sure they are in the right conditions. 
  • Employ experienced, qualified, and certified personnel for the job task.
  • Perform tests control of concrete water/cement content. Typical QC testing for asphalt construction includes samples at the quarry to examine fractured faces, sand equivalency, amount of fines, etc. 
  • For concrete work, the QC system should include measures that avoid the unnecessary addition of water when the concrete truck arrives or while finishing.
  • The finished surface shall be checked in-process quality control for line, grade, and regularity.

At ACI we offer design, construction administration, supervision, and inspection for a wide variety of civil engineering projects. We conduct the necessary research for each project to ensure adherence to client specifications. Quality Control Systems are implemented to make sure that every aspect of our projects meets the quality standards that our clients deserve. 

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