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LIDAR Technology Making It Easier To Social Distance

LIDAR Technology Making it Easier to Social Distance

As states slowly begin their phases to reopening, emerging technologies have come into play on how we can effectively complete our jobs while still maintaining proper social distancing. LIDAR technology is one of the up and coming resources being used by civil engineering companies that are both efficient and safe. 

​What are LIDAR technologies?
LIDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging. This technology uses lasers to construct precision images to feature thousands of data points. To create these images, LIDAR first begins to utilize active remote sensing to emit pulses of light and then stand by for them to return. LIDAR possesses the capability of emitting 160,000 pulses per second with a less than a meter point density. The collected data analyzed using various models. These steps result in 3-D images of the area scanned. 

​LIDAR applications 
​LIDAR technologies apply to various industries. Oceanographers can use it for research and locating shipwrecked vessels. In agriculture, LIDAR is useful in evaluating crop yield rates and seed dispersions. Specifically for civil engineering, the 3-D images can assist in city mapping, simulating new construction, recognizing changes in urban environments, and updating map data. Civil engineers have been making the transition to LIDAR technologies not for the single reason that it can provide data for right now, but for giving data for the future and being a baseline for upcoming city projects. 

Keeping a distance 
​With states starting their reopening plan, civil engineers are in need of new methods to maintain the safety of their employees during current and future projects. Such with most technologies nowadays, LIDAR is remote. Often LIDAR is attached to airplanes or drones to gain an aerial view of the area before the data is sent to a computer for further analyzing. With the new trend of self driving cars, civil engineers can also receive ground level data. Using the data they are given from the LIDAR technologies, civil engineers can strategize current and future building plans to cooperate with social distancing restrictions and keep their employees safe during the execution of the plan. 

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