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3 Benefits of Lidar Mapping For Construction Projects

With any construction project, safety and efficiency are of the utmost importance. The technology from a lidar mapping company can help achieve these important goals without having to spend a significant amount of time and money. How does lLIDAR technology improve the outcome of any construction project? Here are the three main benefits of LIDAR mapping for construction projects:

Deliver Accurate Surveys

Before any construction project can begin, LIDAR surveying must be done. These inspections evaluate the entire terrain to determine how the land needs to be altered or leveled. The more accurate the survey is, the more accurate the final outcome of the construction project will be. Technology from a LIDAR mapping company gives more accurate results than if traditional photogrammetric technology were used.

Project Development Simulation And Analysis

Once the data from the LIDAR detection systems has been gathered, a 3D projection of the surrounding area of the construction project can be made. This projection can be used to create realistic simulations of various construction elements, such as window size and shape. Various materials can be entered into the simulation to determine the accurate costs of the project. Key stakeholders can get a visual representation of how the project will look in real life through this virtual reality setup. These simulations can help prevent construction issues that are expensive to fix and help the stakeholders be incredibly happy with the end result.

Prevent Safety Issues

LIDAR services can be used to spot potential issues that can cause safety concerns. Many construction companies have a hard time getting their project sites inspected. This is because the area is either too big for an inspector to walk or it’s too dangerous. For example, there are over 4,095 dams in the U.S. that are deemed unsafe according to the American Society of Civil Engineers.

The technology from a LIDAR mapping company can help eliminate these concerns. LIDAR surveying is far safer than manual inspections since it doesn’t require humans to be in any areas that may be deemed unsafe. A drone can be flown overhead to collect any information that is needed.

These are only a few benefits that LIDAR technology can bring to construction projects to improve overall safety and efficiency. LIDAR surveying is constantly improving and new uses are being discovered every day. By leveraging this technology from LIDAR mapping companies, construction companies can avoid potential high-risk issues and keep their projects under budget.

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