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The Surprising Design Process That Goes Into America’s Roads

civil engineer servicesThe first yellow stripe was painted on an American highway in 1917 by a woman named June McCarroll. Ever since, roads have become safer and have stretched across the country for thousands of miles.

Not only are these roads important to those who travel for convenience, they’re also essential to those who need them for government transportation, trading, and manufacturing routes.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower supported the construction of the first 41,000 miles that made up the U.S. interstate system by passing the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956. Inspired by the German roads during World War II, the interstate system is now so complex it runs through each of the 50 states for up to 46,876 miles. In order to create and repair many of these state roads, civil engineer services must first do a great deal of planning.

Transportation planning
When a new road is being built, another road may need to be temporarily closed down. By closing down the other road, especially if the road intersects with the one currently being built, it can help the civil engineer services get the job done efficiently.

However, road construction isn’t done simply with paper and shovels. Photogrammetry is often used to help visualize and plan road crossings via structural design. Photogrammetry is defined as the process of translating two-dimensional images into three-dimensional models.

A professional civil engineer company uses these design and planning services in order to get a complete picture of the structure they’re creating. By analyzing and comparing photographs, civil engineer services can be sure that the road they are building will be constructed with American safety and structural organization in mind. Organizations often find civil engineering services via the consultation of various geotechnical design firms and geotechnical engineering consultants.

However, before these services can act in order to begin building the roads, a state must first determine the structural engineering planning. That is, they must plan out how the road will function with the other roads, the path of the road, and how it will affect the surrounding environment.

The amount of planning that goes into the building of roads is to provide the American people with optimal safety. Civil engineers must not only account for where the road is going and what roads need to be blocked off in order to build the structure of the road, but also what types of vehicles the road is being built for. Roads can very easily become too high in traffic capacity and result in poor travel conditions. Therefore, civil engineering companies are necessary to the building and re-configuring of the American road system.

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