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Orchestrating Our Lives — The Impact Civil Engineers Have on Our Lives

transportation planningCivil engineers help keep our society moving along properly. They’re to thank for the ways our cities are laid out, the roads and bridges that we traverse, the canals we transport goods on, and the buildings we do business in. They’re responsible for making sure our waste is properly carried away in the sewers and ensuring that our water supply reaches us. From airports to dams to tunnels and bridges, civil engineers help keep us safe and manage the infrastructure that we rely on to carry out our jobs, hobbies, and personal life. In urban centers especially, transportation planning is a crucial element in a civil engineer’s urban planning scheme. Good transportation planning can help reduce the amount of traffic jams and accidents and networks the city in a sensible and efficient way. If you’re trying to revamp the transportation planning in your city, here are some tips on how to choose the best civil engineer consulting company.

What Exactly are Civil Engineers in Charge Of?
According to the United States Department of Labor, civil engineers are responsible for designing, building, supervising, and keeping construction projects and systems well maintained in both the public and the private spheres. Our sanitation systems and water systems rely on the planning of civil engineers, as does our network of roads, bridges, and the structural design of our bridges and buildings.

It’s a versatile field — their designs can be found on land or in space, in the form of space stations, in your car, or the ships that transport our goods. Wherever construction is necessary, a civil engineer is likely to have had a hand in the pot. They also may work as construction managers to supervise the work being done and to act as a consultant.

Challenges Facing Civil Engineer Services in the United States Today
Much of our existing infrastructure was designed years ago and is quickly falling out of date. With a growing population, our roads, bridges, sewer systems, and more are becoming inadequate and even dangerous.

Indeed, over a quarter of bridges in America need significant work or are over capacity in terms of the amount of traffic they are designed to carry. Over half of the interstate is at 70% capacity regarding traffic and almost a quarter are at an over 95% capacity. Over a third of the major roads running through the United States are deemed to be in poor or mediocre condition and over a third of all deaths on our highways are because of less than ideal road conditions, obsolete road designs, or hazards on the roadside.

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, over 4,000 dams in the U.S. were considered “unsafe” and over a third of all dam failure (or near misses) since 1874 have happened in the last decade.

Our aging sewer systems are estimated to spill over one trillion gallons of untreated sewage annually and by 2020, up to half of the assets in wastewater facilities might be past the midpoint of their useful lifespan. The Environmental Protection Agency has issued a dire estimate that states that drinking water facilities will probably have to sink over $325 billion into their systems in the next 20 years to fix their deteriorating infrastructure.

It’s clear that there is plenty of work ahead for civil engineers to figure out how to address the growing needs and changes facing a rapidly growing population.

How to Choose the Best Civil Engineer Consulting Company
Whether you’re hiring a civil engineer consulting company for the expertise of transportation planning consultants, wastewater systems, or urban planning, you want to find the best civil engineering company available. We’re a prestigious company, responsible for many large-scale projects, as you can tell from our website.

You’ll want to find out their line of communication, if they use quality control checks during their process, what makes them unique from other engineering companies, and what each phase looks like under their management.

Let us assist you with any needs you have — we’re happy to answer questions and get your plans underway.

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