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The Future Of LiDAR Surveying In The USA And Latin America

The Future of LiDAR Surveying in the USA and Latin America

Here at ACI USA, Inc., we strive to be a part of the solution when it comes to getting citizens back into mainstream society safely in the wake of COVID-19. While government entities struggle with reopening economically or maintaining stay-in-place ordinances, technology has been able to come to the rescue concerning monitoring social distancing, determining crowd numbers, and exploring locations for new pandemic-related facilities with LiDAR surveying tools.
Why Business and Governments Rely on LiDAR Today

Whether you own a company, public or private venue, or are part of a government entity, you already know how essential it is to regain the public’s confidence. Widely used by law enforcement officials, aerial LiDAR and digital imaging services can measure distances between individuals and objects using illuminated targets detected by sensors.

Using measured wavelengths, these sensors can be employed for both airborne, mobile, and terrestrial applications. The ability to keep track of social distancing activities at sensored locations along with crowd density controls, those with this app-enabled technology can bring comfort to patrons and staff members in addition to restricting the chances of spreading COVID-19 and other viruses.LiDAR Surveying: Its Role in Social Distancing, Logistics & Crowd Control

Even after the virus has predominantly passed, social distancing is indeed likely to become the “new norm.” Law enforcement took advantage of the technology for isolation center allocation and identifying hot spots. Retailers often use it to help create physical distancing markers for patrons. The technology has helped streamline workforce flows as well, and these monitored systems can send alerts when the protocol isn’t followed.

Placing sensors throughout a building or venue can identify overcrowding or potential ones and then send an alert to the management of the facility, so they can take fast action. The ability to incorporate drone technology and highway sensors is also likely to make aerial LiDAR and digital imaging services a key player in tracking and quickly transporting vaccines around the nation and the world. If you’re a decision-maker in COVID-19 solutions and tracking, you’ll likely be dealing with an innovative LiDAR technology company now or in the near future.

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