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LiDAR in Reopening Plans

Including LiDAR in Reopening Plans

LiDAR in Reopening Plans

States are in the midst of reopening. As they proceed with their phases, they are searching for other solutions on how to be as effective as possible in order to accomplish a successful reopening. New technologies are emerging and with them is the answer that states are looking for. LiDAR surveying is a method civil engineers incorporate in their projects to accurately display 3-D models of land. This technology is revolutionary due to its data and efficiency. It is the technology that can assist in multiple problems states did not realize they had in the first place. Here is where states can apply LiDAR in their reopening plans. 

​Analyzing Traffic
For a reopening plan to be successful, the state must study where the most action is required. Cities are most likely to be the main focus. The issue is monitoring crowd traffic and gathering the data needed to ensure everyone is following social distancing protocols. Aerial LiDAR surveying can collect this data. Flying over cities and towns, this technology can scan where there is the most density amongst the area. This data can be implemented for projects specifically designed to lower crowd density. Projects such as public transportation, city expansion, and airport upgrades. 

Revealing Answers
As images are captured in the LiDAR surveying process, states will discover where more precautions must be taken in their reopening phases and also with future planning. In some states, there were towns that were far away from the nearest hospital and lacked access to the facilities needed during the pandemic. Thanks to LiDAR technology, the states who experienced this type of dilemma can visualize which towns encountered this issue. Those states can then set in motion projects to build new hospitals in areas that need them the most. 

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