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Fantastic Bridge Designs Around the World

The bridge is a structure often forgotten in terms of the great feats of civil engineering and transportation planning. This may be because over 25% of American bridges handle more traffic than they were designed for and need serious repairs.…

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The Importance of Transportation Planning In Your Town

Transportation planning is crucial anywhere in the world because it serves the area economically, socially, and improves the quality of life for the residents. Geotechnical engineering consultants are responsible for the placement of roads and highways, overpasses, interchanges, bridges and…

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What To Know About Your City’s Flood Risk

Especially if you live on a coastal city, it is important to understand how a major flood could impact your community. While a local civil engineering company is taking steps to further advance flood preparedness and infrastructure, citizens and government…

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What to Look for in a Civil Engineering Company

Many companies look to hire civil engineer services for structural design, transportation planning, LiDAR surveying and photogrammetry, and more. But not every civil engineering company is the same. Here are some of the most important qualities to look for in…

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