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LiDAR Flies High

You’ve probably experienced turbulence during a flight. Whether or not you fear these movements, you should know that they cause delays and economic losses for airlines. But what would you think if we told you that a new tool that includes LiDAR is being tested to reduce turbulences by almost 80%? Actually, this is no joke, LiDAR for the aviation industry is already a reality. In this article, we tell you all about it.

What is the use of LiDAR for the aeronautical industry?

It is a system that incorporates sensors located on the wings of the aircraft, LiDAR, and flight control programs. How it works is that changes (even the most subtle ones) in pressure are captured and as a response, the wing flaps are adapted to reduce the impact. This is a procedure very similar to that used by birds.

What is the advantage?

Since the data is processed without the need for human supervision, the response time is considerably reduced. Even if pilots have a lot of expertise, reaction times can affect the effectiveness of the decisions they make. Through this new system, the equipment responds automatically, freeing the captain to attend to issues that may be more urgent or important, such as takeoff control, landing, and emergency maneuvers.

The role of LiDAR

LiDAR makes it possible to capture a large amount of information from the most diverse environments and integrate it into 3D models with an astonishing level of detail. Before its appearance, it could not even be thought of computing such a large amount of data in such a short time. It truly represents a technical revolution. Moreover, its use in combination with other technologies such as advanced software, artificial intelligence, and others, allows us to visualize a future full of surprises.

Although there is still a long way to go in the development of this type of integrated system, the outlook is more than encouraging. LiDAR for the aviation industry not only brings an advantage, but it will also soon be the standard. Our team at ACI Corporation can help you move your project forward with the help of this powerful tool. Harness the power of the technology that continues to revolutionize industries and get ahead of the future today.

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