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Lidar Digital Technologies

Do you use LiDAR much more often than you think?

As mentioned in several of our articles, LiDAR technology is very useful for engineering projects. By measuring distances with very high accuracy, it makes it possible to build detailed 3D maps where people, objects, and spaces are represented. However, LiDAR applications go far beyond this area. You may not realize it, but it is very likely that you use this tool much more than you imagine. How? Some time ago this technology was incorporated into some smartphones and tablets. Keep reading to find out how LiDAR contributes to these devices.

Why LiDAR instead of other ToF sensors?

Many smartphone functions, use time-of-flight or ToF sensors. These sensors work with infrared light beams, taking advantage of the camera sensors. But it turns out that LiDAR, in addition to being much more accurate, is faster. It also helps to better identify large planes even with little texture, the classic example being white walls. This makes it a more attractive technology for developers of augmented reality applications.

Which of your favorite applications are made possible by LiDAR?

If you have ever used an augmented reality filter, you probably owe it to LiDAR technology. For example, in decorating applications, it simulates how a piece of furniture would look in a room. In games, it creates more realistic environments and achieves a more immersive experience. It also serves to improve camera functions and obtain better photographs. And, of course, in social networks, it is used in the most sophisticated filters to generate a much more realistic effect.
As you can see, LiDAR continues to gain ground and bring value to more and more industries. Don’t wait any longer, take advantage of this technology of the future today and give a new impulse to your projects.
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