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Some of the most important LiDAR applications in different industries

LiDAR has been around for more than 60 years. Actually, the first LiDAR prototype was built in 1961 by Hughes Aircraft Company. Today, this technology is becoming common and a valuable tool for several industries. From autonomous vehicles to surveying, here are six interesting applications of LiDAR.

1. Survey and mapping

LiDAR surveying helps capture 3D data fast and effectively. LiDAR aids civil and commercial surveying and mapping applications by creating accurate maps and digital elevation models for geographic information systems (GIS).

2. Land management and forestry

LiDAR can be helpful to measure the structures and density of the canopy in forests and other landscapes. This information is later analyzed for land management, environmental impact, and fire prevention planning, among other things.
These models help professionals generate accurate forest inventory as well as understand complex forest structures.

3. Precision Agriculture

LiDAR can help tech companies locate areas to manage pest control, improve crop yield or optimize water, fertilizer, and herbicides.

4. Renewable Energy

Renewable energy requires extremely accurate representations of the terrain to help decision-makers such as engineers plan their work and future actions accordingly. LiDAR helps identify requirements for harnessing solar and wind energy. It can calculate wind speed and direction to allow the operators of wind farms to build and place turbines.

5. Aerial Inspection

Aerial LiDAR data provides valuable insight into industrial assets that are difficult to inspect. It helps get perspective on civil infrastructure, power lines, and other industrial assets. The inspections can be completed quickly and allow the operator to avoid passing through difficult terrain.

6. Autonomous Vehicles and robotics

LiDAR is used to equip robots or self-driving vehicles with mapping and navigation capabilities. It trains the autonomous system to recognize the distance between a vehicle and other objects around. Vehicles fitted with LiDAR systems collect data such as pedestrians, road obstructions, road markings, traffic signs, and more.
LiDAR can be applied to various industries. If you are interested in learning more contact us today. Our team at ACI has advanced measuring equipment for LiDAR Surveying and Photogrammetry, among others.
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