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mobile LiDAR system

New LiDAR System Expands Mobile Mapping

Trimble Geospatial has introduced a new addition to its established mobile mapping portfolio, the Trimble MX50 mobile mapping system for asset management and mapping. Trimble is a company that provides solutions to facilitate high-quality, productive workflows and information exchange to engineering and GIS service companies, governments, utilities, and transportation authorities.

Mobile mapping

Trimble’s new vehicle-mounted mobile LiDAR system was made an option for first-time mobile mapping users and experienced providers to expand their equipment fleet with precise, high-volume data capture technology. The device is designed for highway and road inspection and maintenance organizations and companies wanting to expand their service capabilities as it provides clean and accurate data on ground surfaces.

Key features

The MX50 mobile scanning and imaging was created for asset management and road maintenance. It features high-accuracy data collection lasers as well as a 360-degree panoramic camera, and a GNSS/IMU positioning system. The system produces immersive imagery for surveying and mapping accuracy. This new mobile mapping device is a practical field-to-finish solution that delivers a very accurate point cloud of the environment. Some of its key features include state-of-the-art Trimble LiDAR technology, it also combines precise LiDAR data and immersive panoramic imagery, as well as simple system installation and intuitive browser-based operation.

The Trimble MX50 will generate reliable deliverables for applications including highway assets, accurate ground models, city assets, engineering profiles and cross-sections, and more. Jacek Pietruczanis, business area Director for Mobile Mapping, Trimble Geospatial mentioned that “The Trimble MX50 reduces the complexity of mobile mapping while enabling users to be more productive and efficient in mapping and managing assets, and maintaining highways and roads,”.

Trimble is another company along with ACI that is transforming the way the world works by delivering products and services that connect the digital and physical worlds, enabling customers to improve productivity, quality, safety, and sustainability.

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