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LiDAR surveying helped analyze geologically hazardous areas in Taiwan

LiDAR surveying helped analyze geologically hazardous areas in Taiwan

Taiwan is an incredibly mountainous island. The region has dramatic topography, with 268 high mountains and dense subtropical jungles, both of which pose a challenge for airborne LiDAR mapping and surveying. Engineers have been using airborne LiDAR data to analyze geologically hazardous areas in Taiwan such as active tectonic zones and typhoons for years, but there have been some constraints due to the weather, topography, and other elements. The use of modern technology has helped overcome these challenges.

State-of-the-art solution

While natural and geographic issues can’t be helped, modern technology has assisted in finding solutions. RealWorld, the largest surveying and geographic information service provider in Taiwan, chose RIEGL VQ-1560 II, a state-of-the-art airborne LiDAR, to face the surveying and mapping challenges and work in high-altitude areas. This equipment allowed penetration in vegetation easily through its large field of view (FOV), cross-fire scanning method, point cloud with high point density, and uniform distribution.

Time, cost, and efficiency

Time, cost, and efficiency are the most critical factors for any project. In this case, the RIEGL VQ-1560 II high-performance airborne LiDAR allowed the scanning operations to be completed by only 40% of the flight lines compared to the previous sensor. It also helped reduce costs to 20% through high-efficiency scanning, which generated more profits and provided more time for data post-processing. The airborne LiDAR also provided ease of use to the surveyors due to its lightweight and hassle-free installation. Not to mention post-processing accuracy reports, suitable for delivering the buyers’ perfect deliverables.

Seamless delivery and training

The advanced equipment and software for aerial, land, and bathymetric surveying, VQ-1560 II was delivered in April 2020. Chi-Feng Wang, President of RealWorld Surveying and Geomatics Corp mentioned that the high-efficiency scanning capability of VQ- 1560 II makes high-definition LiDAR no longer exclusive to drones. This is since the drone’s take-off and landing are limited to high terrain relief in a mountainous area like Taiwan. Therefore, a manned aircraft equipped with VQ-1560 II can be used to acquire large-scale high-density point clouds.

The procurement of this high-performance LiDAR instrument helped promote the topography specifications in the Taiwan surveying and mapping market.

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