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LiDAR Surveying

Should You Use LiDAR Surveying for Your Next Construction Project?  

Construction is a tough business. Job-site challenges, supply chain issues, labor problems: All these issues are common to construction. However, beyond that is the unexpected. Concrete doesn’t set up to specs, requiring adaptation to make a solid solution. Sudden weather changes create serious challenges on the job. Utilities are not located where they’re supposed to be, making them hard to connect at best, and a hazard at the worst.

Let’s discuss this last one. Job sites have a bad habit of not always being as we expect them to be. Laying out a project on paper and laying one out on a job site are two very different things. If utilities are somewhere else on your blueprint, you just click the mouse a few times and move things around. If they’re somewhere else on your job site, you can cause a dangerous gas line leak, electrical shock, or a flood of water when a backhoe hits them during grading. That simply covers utilities. What about unseen gravesites, buried septic tanks, sinkholes, or similar features that can cause serious issues on your job site? These kinds of issues can cause long delays and complications on your job site.

But what if there was a better way to check the actual conditions on your job site? Instead of taking it all on faith, LiDAR surveying can be used to penetrate the surface of your job site to discover the underlying structures that you may otherwise miss. By digging deep into the surface of the earth using Lidar surveying, you can locate these hazards before you bring a single piece of heavy equipment onto your job site. This allows you to carefully mitigate these risks by understanding exactly where they’re located, making it easier to avoid unnecessary risk on your job site.

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