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LiDAR benefits in the trucking industry

Trucks are a critical component in the transportation of goods. This is why there are concerns regarding trucking safety and efficiency. LiDAR technology provides truck manufacturers an opportunity to implement driver assistance systems and thus increase safe truck navigation. Here’s why LiDAR is important for fleet management companies and others. 

The trucking industry

According to the American Trucking Association, trucking accounts for 72.5 percent of domestic tonnage shipped. This shows that it is a robust industry with reported freight revenues of about $800 billion. One of the industry’s top concerns is safety for trucks and the highway system due to the multiple trucks involved in injury crashes and fatalities. Some of this industry’s challenges include truck blind spots, workforce dynamics, driver shortage, and fuel efficiency. All of these factors play a huge role in the massive interest in autonomous vehicle technologies. 

Benefits of LiDAR in Trucking

LiDAR is key in providing solutions in trucking. To be with it supports precise and reliable navigation in urban and highway surroundings. LiDAR sensors help increase safety as they detect and track pedestrians, vehicles, and other obstructions both at night and during the day. Due to their rich data content lidar sensors can improve the perception system of a truck in almost any environmental condition. LiDAR sensors can reduce the chance of blind spots as it provides a wide view of up to 360°. With lidar on board, the industry can remain competitive in terms of fuel costs and labor shortages as well. 

Today, several companies are planning and testing out LiDAR sensors for safe navigation and stress reduction for drivers. Sensors will help create better driving citations for any type of road including intersections, potholes, curvy roads, residential areas, roadways, and more. The future of the trucking industry looks promising for the development of autonomous vehicle technologies and the improvement of vehicle safety and efficiency.

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