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What Are Some Promising Future Trends In LiDAR Mapping?

What Are Some Promising Future Trends in LiDAR Mapping?

As digital transformation marches forward and machines become smarter, what are some future trends that we can expect in LiDAR mapping? Allowing machines to “see” what they’re working on drastically improves information quality and success in various areas. Here’s a quick look at where LiDAR mapping is going in the future. What Are Some Promising Future Trends in LiDAR Mapping?

  • LiDAR mapping sensors become smaller, lighter, and cheaper. As with so much digital technology, LiDAR map sensors will get less expensive, smaller, and lighter. This will make them more accessible for a wide range of needs.
  • LiDAR shifts the value proposition. It’s expected that 3D LiDAR visualization will have a greater value proposition as more data becomes available. Beyond immediate vicinity, regional information will provide visualizations with more precision, making more accurate decisions easier.
  • LiDAR sensor fusion. Imaging and sensing LiDAR scanners will be integrated into other tech within a single flight. This allows users to capture twice the data in about half the time. Multi-sensor arrays will improve efficiency even further, along with a range of post-processing options.
  • On-Chip LiDAR. As LiDAR continues to expand into additional industries beyond mapping, vehicle navigation, service delivery, and security, it will gain even more prominence in an on-chip format, such as its current use in iPhone mobile technology for AR.
  • LiDAR’s Impact on privacy. LiDAR develops generated data detail instead of simple snapshots of a point in time. This allows retailers to use 3d maps to understand better consumer habits, such as where they go and what catches their attention for better store and merchandise planning.

By staying on top of changes happening in digital transformation, you can ensure that you’re on top of the latest changes in LiDAR trends, allowing you to harness this powerful technology for your company’s benefit. ACI can help. Feel free to reach out today for more details.

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