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LiDAR Helping Land NASA on Mars

The concept of going boldly where no one has gone before is soon to become an idea of the past. NASA has officially landed their Perseverance rover on Mars, representing a step in the right direction for space travel for all humankind. This accomplishment could not have been done without the help from extraordinary engineers and their technology, including LiDAR Technology. 

​Landing with Perfect Accuracy 
Launching Perseverance into space is one achievement, but landing successfully on Mars reaches another level of victory. Properly landing on Mars requires technology to scan and measure the surface, apply algorithms designed around the environment, and implement protocols created based on the current landing situation. Needless to say, landing on another planet is a difficult task. NASA used LiDAR in their landing procedures to analyze the surface of the planet and use the data to proceed safely into landing. LiDAR allowed Perseverance to land perfectly on Mars with more accuracy than any other rover. 

​Exploring the Planet and More
​The improved technology and machinery implemented in Perseverance will set the standard for space exploration and, potentially, colonization. LiDAR will soon be the norm for how scientists plan landing procedures, but this technology will also be used in exploring planets and collecting data for which ones can sustain human life based on its geography and surface scans. Currently, Perseverance is using LiDAR while roaming Mars and sending the geographic scans back to earth for further analyzation. 

What LiDAR Means for the Future 
LiDAR is the future of space exploration through the galaxies, but also is the future of engineering projects back here on earth. Everyday LiDAR is utilized for building cities, planning roadways, expanding agriculture, and so much more. Currently, engineers are finding innovative ways on how they can incorporate LiDAR in their projects to benefit the masses. 

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