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The Role of LiDAR Surveying & Mapping in Flattening the COVID-19 Curve

Most individuals are responsible for doing what they can during the pandemic to protect themselves, protect the most vulnerable citizens, and help the world get back to some sense of normalcy. However, as people begin venturing back out into the world and social distancing practices loosen, infrared sensor and LiDAR mapping companies are able to play a vital role.

As a person on-site in charge of leading a crew or team in preventing the spread of viruses and future outbreaks, it’s much easier to achieve thanks to modern technology. Let’s discuss a few ways that LiDAR companies in the USA can assist in isolating cases in efforts to help establish a targeted quarantine approach when necessary in these unprecedented times.

Automated Handwashing Monitoring

Scientists overwhelmingly seem to agree on one thing: Proper and frequent handwashing is one of the most effective means of helping to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and most others. Washing for at least 20 seconds is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.

Using the power of 3-D LiDAR tech along with vision and computer/machine learning, owners along with management can have the benefit of ‘trained’ equipment that can detect incorrect handwashing behaviors. This technology doesn’t collect information that can personally identify the subject being observed via the 3-D view from above the sink. It identifies handwashing violations that can be reported to authorized parties.

Patient Monitoring

Similar to handwashing detection, LiDAR can be trained to detect patients who might slip and fall, fall unconscious in a hospital bathroom, fall out of bed, or fail to practice proper social distancing protocols. Already over-stressed caregivers can increase response times in emergencies via real-time alerts.

Policy Creation

With information compiled concerning the handwashing practices of staff and the availability of care providers to have a better means of monitoring current in-patient activities, new or updated compliance policies can easily be justified and put into place with higher-ups, boards of directors, and stockholders if needed.

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