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LiDAR technology company

LiDAR in the Transportation Industry

LiDAR technology company

LiDAR technology has become more prominent in recent years due to its innovative design and efficiency. The purpose of LiDAR is to collect data of an area and create a digital 3D map using the data points collected from an aerial or ground-level viewpoint. This technology has proven extremely useful in numerous industries. Specifically for projects in the transportation industry, hiring a LiDAR technology company became an essential task to guarantee success. 


Whether it be designing a brand-new highway or planning road improvements, LiDAR technology can significantly improve the performance of roadway projects. From an aerial view, LiDAR gathers data from where the road will either be built or already is. The data it collects will display any obstacles that risk the project, environmental factors, and general sizing of the area. The resulting 3D model will be used as a foundation for the road design and what improvements will be required. LiDAR in roadway designs applies to rural and urban locations. Thereby, helping determine the sizing of the road for either large trucks or bike lanes. 

​Trains and Subways 

Hiring a LiDAR technology company to help design and build tracks for trains and subways is crucial in this day in age. Before modern technology, train-tracks were built based solely off a single map. Luckily now, LiDAR surveying has broadened the amount of information that will help in constructing tracks for subways and trains. Another data point collected in the process is area density. This data is useful for building subways that travel under waterways and beneath roads. 


Air transportation only grows in popularity as one of the fastest ways to travel. As towns turn to cities due to population, the demand for airports increases. One of the larger issues with building an airport is its location. Aerial LiDAR technologies will scan the land for the determining parameters. Examples of these parameters are population density, land density, land size, etc. 

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