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LiDAR Technology

LiDAR Technology Building a Greener World

LiDAR Technology

Moving away from solely focusing on LiDAR technology influencing infrastructure projects, this technology has been an incredible tool for scientists and governments in studying the natural environment. Technology and nature appear opposites but with the assistance of the right technology, organizations have been able to properly analyze the environment in order to help it. Here are areas where LiDAR technologies were seen in the process of building a greener world. 


Over the years, forests have been at risk because of deforestation and pollution. A prime example is the rainforests in Latin America. Scientists can apply LiDAR surveying to studying and identifying the problems these forests face. The 3D image allows them to accurately analyze the forest density, heights, and any recent changes. These forestry studies provide the data needed to determine what forests are in need of fire protection. Organizations that specialize in forest protections keep this data collected and continue to update it over the years. 

​Clean Energy 

More and more organizations and governments are researching ways to create as much clean energy as possible. Renewable energy is the future. LiDAR technologies are able to contribute the necessary data for these renewable energy projects. A major portion of this data is concluding where to maximize the amount of clean energy efficiently. For wind turbines, this means finding the wind direction and wind speed. For solar energy, this means identifying the direction and placement of the panel to absorb the most heat. LiDAR measures wind conditions and speed better normal measurement tools. The infrared capabilities in this technology also places where and when an area absorbs the most heat from the sun. 

LiDAR technologies do not only add value to city planning and urban development. The examples above are only a couple of the many possibilities for LiDAR to impact the environment for the better. For projects designed to help build a greener world, hire a LiDAR technology company like ACI Corporation. 

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