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lidar topografia

Lidar Topografia: Surveying Technology for Civil Engineers

One method of technology that assists civil engineers in their work is the use of technology known as lidar topografia. But what is lidar technology? Lidar, which stands for light detection and ranging, is an instrument that captures images from the air. These images penetrate through any existing growths to see what is below. The process is fast, accurate, and safe, and allows engineers to see what is actually on the ground. Here is a look at some areas in which lidar topografia assists engineers in projects that they are designing.


Lidar detection is used in surveying to give engineers an accurate, 3-D image of the area in which they will be working. Lidar systems show surveyors vegetation that exists on the landscape, as well as any man-made or natural structures there. This information assists in their evaluation of the area and their progression into the design phase of the project.


Some of the most important projects for civil engineers are designing adequate sanitary facilities. Providing sanitary facilities and clean, drinkable water to areas of the world is the main objective of these projects, and lidar detection helps in this. Making sure that clean water and sanitary facilities are available to all is an uplifting, positive undertaking with benefits that will last for generations to come.


Safety and efficiency are always the purpose of transportation planning, bridge design, and roadway design. Roadside hazards, outdated road designs, and poor to substandard conditions of existing roads actually are taken into account for nearly one-third of all fatalities on the highway. So, creating an effective transportation infrastructure, and updating an existing one has a direct impact on the population and the economic life of any region. Civil engineers can rely on lidar detection systems to give them the information that will help them build the safest, most reliable transportation infrastructure.

Lidar Topografia: Recap

Civil engineers view the world differently from most regular citizens. That is to say, they view things two different ways: the way it is now and the way it could be. For example, where untrained individuals could look at a jungle, a civil engineer might view the same scene and envision the presence of a roadway. Aerial digital imaging and lidar detection systems have revolutionized the field of engineering tot help these plans become reality. Innovations such as lidar topografia allow engineers to assess an area for development in much less time and more safely than ever before. Working efficiently and safely, engineers can design systems that improve the quality of life for all.

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