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LIDAR surveying in Panama

Top 5 Applications For LIDAR Surveying In Panama

Panama is a country rich in majestic mountain ranges, volcanic intrusions, and waterways. Its tropical environment yields numerous resources to uncover and utilize. LIDAR surveying can be used to maximize the use of these resources in a number of beneficial ways for both its residents and the world at large. Here are the top five applications for LIDAR surveying in Panama.

Land Recognition

Surveying in Panama can be done by attaching sensors to drones to generate 3D digital terrain models of remote areas. This can give a much clearer picture of rough areas than photogrammetry, which is a process that analyzes two-dimensional images and then translates them into 3D models. Using unmanned aerial vehicles can be more cost-effective, quicker, and less risky than deploying helicopters or planes for LIDAR surveying in Panama.

Power Supply Line Maintenance Inspection

Maintaining power lines on a regular basis can present major risks to security. LIDAR technology can identify any potential issues or problems with power lines using unmanned aerial vehicles. Utility providers can assess damages quickly and efficiently solve them with the lowest level of security risk.

Agriculture And Forestry

Large farms can be surveyed with LIDAR detection systems to increase the productivity of resources. LIDAR services are able to penetrate tree cover and can be used over forest areas to determine the impact of human activity. Potential problems such as air pollution, insect damage, and tree disease can be spotted quickly and dealt with before these issues get out of hand.

Mining Operations

LIDAR surveying and photogrammetry can be useful for calculating the volumes of material contained in open-pit mines without disturbing groundwork. By integrating drones, there is a significant reduction in the cost, risk exposure, and time spent with mining workflows. Locating critical minerals is essential for producing many products we use, such as high-tech devices, beauty products, paint, and jewelry. It’s also necessary for national defense applications and alternative energy solutions.

Transportation Expansion

Urban planners can use aerial lidar and digital imaging services to expand railway stations and public transportation systems. Wide areas of land can be scanned with unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with LIDAR sensors to determine transportation infrastructure. This can lead to greater efficiency with the construction of highways and railways to improve traffic flow. This can help reduce accidents from occurring from traffic jams common on the city streets in the major cities of Panama.

The applications for LIDAR surveying in Panama have numerous potential benefits for society as a whole. As the global demand for this technology continues to increase, there will even more opportunities to maximize resources and improve the workflows for various industries. To find out more about how a LIDAR mapping company can assist you in your Panama projects, contact us today!

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