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What To Know About LIDAR Mapping Technology

Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) is a remote sensing technology method that has a wide range of uses and benefits. A LIDAR mapping company can record three-dimensional images of the Earth to assist various industries in their goals. How does LIDAR work and what is it used for? Here’s everything you need to know about LIDAR technology.

What is LIDAR Technology?

LIDAR uses remote sensing lasers to get exact measurements of the distance of an object on the surface of the Earth. The technology was first used on airplanes in the 1960s but didn’t gain popularity until after the GPS was invented during the 1980s. There are two main types of LIDAR systems. An airborne LIDAR is typically installed on drones and helicopters. A terrestrial LIDAR is mounted on tripods and moving vehicles.

LIDAR differs from photogrammetry in that it is a more active approach in collecting information. It uses light pulses to generate three-dimensional images. Photogrammetry translates, analyzes, and compares two-dimensional static photographic images into three-dimensional models in most applications.

How Does LIDAR Work?

LIDAR is a simple process that entails emitting laser light at a target object and calculating the time it takes to bounce back. Analysts at a LIDAR mapping company use a specific formula to calculate this distance. They take the speed of light and multiply it by the time of flight. That number is then divided by two to determine the exact distance of the object.

LIDAR Applications

LIDAR surveying can be used for various industries to achieve their objectives. Oceanographers can use lidar detection for research and locating shipwrecked vessels. It can also be used to assist in road, bridge, and building construction. LIDAR services are helpful in agriculture for analyzing crop yield rates and seed dispersions and in archaeological sites to help uncover past civilizations. The military also uses LIDAR technology for security operations along national borders.

LIDAR technology performed by a lidar mapping company can serve many purposes across various industries. It is helping many to explore the Earth to uncover secrets and unlock hidden potentials. As technology advances, it will be able to do more to help us solve the problems we face.

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