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Four Applications Of Finite Element Consulting

Four Applications of Finite Element Consulting

One aspect of the profession of engineering is finite element analysis consulting. Finite element analysis and finite element consulting are directly related to civil engineering services in the United States. This type of civil engineering consulting work utilizes computer aided design programs known as CAD. With this software, the expertise of the civil engineer is taken to a new level in order to successfully design and complete jobs in a variety of areas. Here are four applications of finite element consulting and civil engineering that impact the population in a daily basis.

  1. Transportation Infrastructure: Transportation planning relies on types of finite element analysis from the very start. The purpose of transportation planning, bridge design, and roadway design is safety and efficiency. All of this depends on the structural design that comes from finite element consulting.
  2. Ports: Most of the freight and cargo transported around the world is done by container ships. Finite element consulting can assess the efficiency of container ports. Currently, these consultants are looking at container ports in the United States and calculating the volume each port is handling. They have concluded that every port, by the year 2020, will be handling more than twice the volume it was designed to handle. This knowledge will lead to finding solutions for efficiency in the future.
  3. Sanitation Facilities: Designing adequate sanitary facilities are key projects for civil engineers. The objective of these projects is to provide sanitary facilities and clean, drinkable water. This is particularly important in developing countries, where clean water and sanitary facilities are lacking.
  4. Soils and Construction Materials: Finite element consulting is used for deep underground construction. This impacts areas such as mining and tunneling through mountains. Soil mechanics examine sand and clay layers. Finite element analysis is used to assess stress changes, irregular formations, and obtain data so construction projects can be designed and completed at ground surface level.

The results of finite element consulting are evident in building development, energy facilities, roadway design, and more systems that affect the daily lives of millions of individuals.

A well-designed and well-maintained infrastructure in all of these areas are highly important. The health, well-being, and safety of the population rely on the expertise of professionals involved in finite element consulting.

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