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photogrammetry in Florida

Can Photogrammetry Help Keep Workers Safe?

Working in industries like mining, oil and gas, construction, and automotive can be rewarding, but also highly dangerous. This is especially true with more than 4,095 dams being deemed “unsafe” in American by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Fortunately, today’s technology can help keep workers safe. Photogrammetry, which is essentially the method of making measurements using photographs, is being used more frequently in dangerous industries to help protect employees. So let’s explore a few different ways photogrammetry in Florida can help prevent workplace accidents and injuries.

Measuring construction sites: Construction and civil engineer services can be made safer before the construction even begins. Before a site is begun, workers can use photogrammetry methods to survey the site. This can help construction administration put together logistic plans and implement safety protocols. The site can be measured so workers know the existing site contours, runoff, and utilities. Furthermore, workers don’t have to survey the site on feet, minimizing the risk of falling and accidents.

Monitoring mining blast operations: Blasting operations is a major part of the mining industry. Unfortunately, blasting has an impact on all other aspects of the industry, like transporting, loading, and milling. Using methods like lidar surveying and photogrammetry can help show workers the entire area within the blasting operations. This can help improve not only productivity and efficiency but safety as well. All in all, mining operations as a whole can benefit from image processing technology.

Track environmental conditions: Environmental conditions can drastically impact any outdoor site — from mining to wind energy to oil and gas, tracking environmental conditions is essential. Fortunately, photogrammetry can help with this. Weather conditions, gravitational loads, and faults in the ground can all be measured and tracked. This, in turn, can help employees manage sites in a safer manner. Knowing about incoming weather problems or environmental changes allows workers to adjust accordingly.

Overall, photogrammetry in Florida can not just improve work efficiency and accuracy, but can help keep workers safe. Whether it’s surveying construction sites or monitoring blast zones in mining, photogrammetry can be extremely beneficial for worker safety. So if you’re in a dangerous business, consider investing in photogrammetry.

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