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Why America’s Crumbling Water Infrastructure Needs to Be Addressed

water infrastructure for damsAmerica’s water infrastructure for dams, rivers, and the like is crumbling at an alarming rate. It isn’t front page news, nor is it a topic that has millions of people rallying behind it, but it is a very real problem nonetheless.

Why is it important? For starters, consider the implications a failing infrastructure will have on things like drinking water. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EPA for short, estimates that, over the next 20 years, drinking water utilities will need to invest a whopping $334.8 billion to address the deteriorating infrastructure needs.

Luckily, there have been recent political promises to begin identifying problem areas within America’s water infrastructure and implementing long-term solutions. However, where that will go from here is still a mystery. This problem isn’t new and has been around for some time, continuously getting worse as the years progress. Previously government entities and officials have recognized it as a problem but one that didn’t require immediate action. Thus, America is left with a crumbling infrastructure that has yet to be addressed.

In order for this issue to be resolved, there obviously needs to be action taken. Funding needs to be provided by individual municipalities or on a federal level. Top engineering consulting companies and civil engineer services will need to focus on flood control, watershed management, and water infrastructure for dams, riverways, streams, and other bodies of water with lacking support.

Granted, there are other issues at play as well that have a discernable priority over water infrastructures, such as roadway design and traffic engineering. The masses, along with the higher authorities of the nation, are right to concern themselves about the increasing traffic problem and poor roadway conditions. Roadway capacities are at an all-time high and require constant analysis and redesigning in order to keep them functioning per society’s demands.

However, the deterioration of America’s water infrastructure will become an increasingly prevalent issue until action is forced. Unfortunately, any major repairs could be negligible at that point and it will cost more to totally replace or redesign these applications.

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