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Using Water As An Alternate Energy Source

Using Water as an Alternate Energy Source

Environmentalists and energy facilities all over the country are trying to figure out how to use alternative forms of energy to decrease our carbon footprint. Using water power energy is on the list of many other forms of energy that can help reduce carbon waste.

Dam failure has been a concern, for over one-third of all failures since 1874 have occurred in the last decade alone. Although this is true, using water infrastructure for dams and hydroelectric power is still a reliable source of energy.

What is Hydroelectric Power?
Structural design goes into man-made mechanisms built across rivers. These structures are known as dams. Dams are often used for river flow control, improved navigation, and flood control. Some dams, in this case, are used for harvesting hydroelectric power.

How Does A Hydroelectric Dam Work?
Hydroelectric dams create electric energy, eventually. But how does it work? According to the Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company, hydropower plants capture the energy of falling water to generate electricity. A turbine converts the kinetic energy of falling water into mechanical energy. Then a generator converts the mechanical energy from the turbine into electrical energy. The more water that passes through a dam, the more energy it produces.

What Are the Benefits of Hydroelectric Energy?
According to Energy Informative, 20% of the world’s electricity consumption in 2006 was generated with hydroelectricity. The energy source is used often and has many benefits over several other forms of energy.

It’s Renewable
According to Energy Informative, hydroelectric energy is the most renewable source of energy in the world. Being renewable means that it cannot be used up, and it will never go away. Hydroelectricity will always be available.

It’s Green
Hydroelectricity comes straight from nature, making it a green energy source by default. It only uses the energy from the water flow itself, and it creates no pollution.

It’s Reliable
energy facilities can always count on being able to use hydroelectric energy. There are very little fluctuations in the energy being made by hydroelectric dams and plants. As long as the water exists, so will hydroelectricity.

It is important for us to never end our search for clean and safe alternatives for energy production on our planet. Mother Nature needs to be taken care of, and this is one great step in the right direction.

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