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Quality Management

ACI has received the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification and is now a member of the world’s largest developer of voluntary quality standards.

certifications-widget-1Our company takes pride in providing high-quality engineering. Our professionalism, experience, and innovative spirit guarantee quality consultant services that meet the requirements and expectations of our clients. Our quality management system is the product of our strong commitment to deliver quality work in order to build a prestigious reputation in the USA and Latin America. It requires continuous training of our staff and specialists, as well as the use of advanced technology in our projects.

To fulfill our quality policy, meet our quality standards, and ensure that our services are in adherence with the requirements of the contracting party, ACI implements and documents a Quality Management System based on the Quality Manual of the Company. That manual includes the company profile, policy and objectives, authority and responsibilities, process control and production regulations, and equipment maintenance protocols in accordance with ISO guidelines.

Implementation of a system in which quality is more consistent and staff more focused on achieving conformity to client requirements has been an outstanding achievement of the firm.